Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Urbis Design Day

Exciting news! So I worked Urbis Design Day at the Kohler/Salasai show room last Saturday as the water element (there was water, fire, air, earth and a fifth element Heinekin (personal joke) :p) AND we just found out... The Kohler/Salasai showroom got voted number 1!! YAY (though no surprises there, I knew they'd win as I had random people telling me it was the best hehe)! I must say it was a very different experience, I've never sat by a bath playing with water for 8 hours before :p but the place was set out really cool, the clothes were amazing, and it was cool to meet people. These are a couple photos from it, courtesy of Norrie Montgomery, Max Mamaev and Alex Tea. I'm doing the NZFF Viva show tonight so pretty excited for that! In the meantime, back to doing uni work. Speaking of, it's been so hectic, had an assignment due yesterday about... ironically, stress - ha! I just bought a whole load of fabric too, literally a bag the size of myself sitting down, possibly bigger! So I'm excited, might get some sewing done in the weekend :D Uni mid semester break is also coming up too, very fast but I can't wait. But just because it's a 'break' doesn't mean I won't still be busy, although I guess that's why the weeks seem shorter.x

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